My Father’s House Movie

A new film about music, Dementia, family and love.


My Father’s House is a new documentary motion picture about family, music, Dementia, caregiving, love and life.  An elderly man struggles to retain his once brilliant mind as his daughter, a musician living in New York, puts her own health at risk as his local caregiver.  Music and poetry ease the pain and the struggle as he nears his final days and she regains her health and career.  He loses his 270 year old house and lush gardens, downsizing to a small apartment; a universal story of the changes old age brings to many and the things that really matter that stay with us at any age.

“The brain is shrinking…but it’s a very rich life I have had, I must say…” he recalls.  He shares his love of Bach and Schubert with his two daughters and faithful Korean housekeeper as the days wear on and his memory goes from 3 minutes to 30 seconds.  When he listens to music or recalls the German verse, glimmers of his lucidity return.

We’ve been in production since May 2011 and will be preparing a campaign for finishing funds over the next several months.  Please stay in touch, follow our soon-to-be-announced blog posts and share your own experiences with caregiving, Dementia and Alzheimer’s.